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Current Events 2007
All of the previous 2007 front page photos
April 20, 2007:  Wellesley Police welcome 2 new officers after their
graduation from the Weymouth Academy 12th MPOC.  Officer Mao and
Officer Carrasquillo graduated and have entered field training.  Pictured (L
to R) Sgt. Whittemore, Officer Mao, Chief Cunningham, Officer
Carrasquillo, Officer Fritts (FTO) Officer Popovski (FTO). Photo by MSP
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May 2007:  Spring range with some great weather at the favorite beach.  A
night shoot with sims is also scheduled and will be posted in early June.
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Memorial Day Weekend 2007:  Sergeant coordinates a major
search for a missing child in the Hills and Falls, while Engine
One battles a stubborn dumpster fire next to a house.
Memorial Day  2007:  The Honor Guard (midnight division) went to
Woodlawn Cemetery and the town War Memorial  for Memorial Day (actual)
observances with Wellesley veterans.  From L to R Sgt. Scott, Mike, Sgt. Jeff,
Derrick, and Jim. (Photo by Sgt. MC/55)
June 4, 2007:  Officers practice defensive tactics
and simunitions in another training intensive
week.  Jenny prepares to handcuff the red man
(Stan-Far Left.) Brian moves in on a suspect
(Left) during Night Sims training.
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June 10, 2007:  WPD comes out in force to
support our own family and honor 2 time
cancer survivor Kristine Fritts, wife of Officer
Christopher Fritts during the annual Cancer
Society's Relay for Life.  The 20 hour walk saw
WPD Officers Carrasquillo, Dennehy, Mao,
and Popovski walking the track (and eating the
great food). Ty, "K" Chris, Chris and Derrick
(Far L) pose while Chris shows his out of step
walking with Ty and Derrick on the track (L).
June 16, 2007:  Summer is here.  Wellesley 1406 doing a traffic stop
while the sunrises on the morning watch at Rt. 9 and Rt. 128.  
June 18, 2007:  A large tree comes down at 0230 hours on Kenilworth
Road taking most of the electrical wires and the power with it.
Jenny and Jim at the scene.
June 20, 2007:  Night Sims and defensive tactics continues at the
RDF during the makeup classes. Mark in 1411 covers a suspect
during a scenario.
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June 24, 2007:  Tim checks out the damage at a crash on Weston
Road at Turner Road on Sunday.
June 30, 2007:  Jim, Ty and Steve do a field interview on the ramp
from Rt. 9 East to Cedar Street at 0230 hours.
July 2, 2007:  Steve covers a suspect (Chris) during the last
session of Night Sims training held on June 28, 2007.
Thanks to everyone but especially roll players Frank
Waligora, Chuck Lawry, Chris Fritts, Mike Burke, and Rob
Rowe who took numerous (painful) sim hits in the name of
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July 9, 2007:  Engine 2 battles a car fire on Arnold Road just in from
Route 9 west.
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July 11, 2007:  Wellesley Police and Fire at a 1 car MVA vehicle
into a pole on Rt. 9 west during the first half.
July 14, 2007:  Jeff makes notifications after an attempted
armed robbery at 0230 hours of a gas station.  After locating the
vehicle, he stopped and placed into custody 2 suspects, assisted
by Derrick and Jenny.
July 16, 2007:  Medflight lands on the northbound side of Rt.
128 after an MVA during the day shift.  WPD and MSP shut the
road down while Wellesley Fire treated the victim.
Photo by MSG/44
July 27, 2007:  Wellesley PD, MSP H2+K9, Weston PD, Newton
PD, and Needham PD responded to a bank robbery in the lower
falls during first half.  Sgt. Gerrans, MSP Trooper Liberty and
K9 Falko searched the parking lots.  Check the Wellesley Police
website for photos of the suspect.
July 28, 2007:  Thunderstorms and heavy rain went through
Wellesley during first half on Saturday, flooding several roads.  
Ty blocks Weston Road near Central Street.
Aug 2&3, 2007:  Ted at a crash on Lowell
Road (L).  Wellesley firefighters battle a fire in
a CAT construction machine on Appian Drive.
(Fire photo by Sgt JR/61)
Aug 6-10, 2007:  Youth Academy at
Wellesley PD. 21 Highly motivated,
truly dedicated Wellesley Police Youth
Academy Trainees get a feel for the job
for 5 days.
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August 11:  Ty at a car fire on
Rt. 128.
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The youth academy group
photo with the 21 who
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more youth academy photos.
August 16:  After a manhole cover came loose on Rt. 9 West, Mark
watches  to see how long Mass Highway will take to weld it down during the
evening commute.
August 21:  Mike Burke works the detail/road closure on Rt. 9
at Rt. 16.  The nightly detour as Rt. 9 is shut down and is
likely to continue for some time.
August 27:  Scott inspects the damage at a one car crash vs a
tree Monday morning on Weston Road in sector 11 during the
midnight shift.
August 28:  Tim does traffic during a 4 car MVA on Route 9
west at Kingsbury Street.  The crash slightly tied up Route 9
during rush hour.
Labor Day Weekend 2007:  After being postponed in May, the annual
fireworks went off without a problem Sunday night during the long
holiday weekend.  From left to right: Sgt. Cleary, Sgt. Showstead,
Officer Fritts, Officer Gonsalves, Sgt. Renzella, and Officer Mao pose
for a photo on the field.
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Labor Day Weekend 2007:
A sobriety check point was held on Route 9
at Lexington Road (St. James) with the
State Police and Norfolk County Sheriffs.  
Left: Lt. Cunningham and Sgt. Showstead
wait for more traffic.  Right: Officer
Popovski does a field sobriety test.

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September 11&14 2007:  Wellesley
Police and Fire conduct memorial
services for the terrorist attacks on
9/11. On the left, Wellesley firefighters
set up the American flag.  September
14: On the right, a 3rd alarm fire in
Weston brought in help from several
area towns.  Wellesley police and
firefighters operated at the fire.
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September 21, 2007:  Wellesley
police honor guard at the State
House Law Enforcement
Memorial Service.  Newly hired
officer Jason Fontana qualifies
at the range with Officer
Amalfi.  Jason previously
worked at Umass Boston PD
and Plympton PD.
September 29, 2007:  Wellesley PD vs Temple Chabad with a 5 to
5 tie.  If anyone wants to know who really won, ask Tim "The
Coach" Barros.  He'll be sure to tell you.  A good time was had by
all who played, and thanks to those players who may not have
worked a shift, but are part of the Wellesley Police as far as
softball games are concerned.  Player of the game:  Sgt. Jeff "One
Ringy Dingy..Two Ringy Dingys...Three Ringy
Dingys..Hahahahah" Renzella, who clocked a 2 run homerun for
the Wellesley PD.  Jeff "Count Draculla" Renzella was also quite
sore later on in the day.
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October 4, 2007:  Wellesley Fire and Police (Janet) at
the scene of a car fire on Boulder Brook Road.  Photo
by Officer Carrasquillo.
October 24, 2007:  Ty at an MVA on Glen Road at Dean.  
The 2 car crash blocked Glen Road during the morning on
Last Half.
October 25, 2007:  Chris interviews a male after a
motorcycle accident on Grove Street near Hampden
Street Thursday evening.  There were no serious injuries.
October 28, 2007:  Not exactly Wellesley!  Howard Street  Buffalo,
NY 0235 hours:  The Wellesley PD Photo Webmaster and his driver
find themselves at a fire in a vacant dwelling in Buffalo, NY.  Special
thanks to the Buffalo PD C District for their assistance at the scene.  
The working fire destroyed the building.
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October 30, 2007:  Ted and Ty check out some paperwork
during a suspended operator stop, Rt. 9 at Rt. 128 during
November 2, 2007: An mva
between a Fallon ambulance and
a car sent multiple people to the
hospital Friday night.  Rt. 9 west
was closed for a period of time.
L:  Jason and Steve inspect the
damage, and R Sgt. Showstead
does reconstruction.
November 5-9 2007:  Left: A one car
MVA roll over during the Last Half
also snapped a pole on Hunnewell
Street.  Right:  Officer Hughes at a
car into a building on Oakland Street
near Washington Street.  
HERE for more photos from both
November 11, 2007:  Wellesley Specials head out to the range with the
Wellesley PD firearms staff.  Check the range page for more photos.
November 19, 2007:   Testing some new pepper spray at
WPD.  Sgt. Gerrans sprayed Officer Popovski and Sgt.
Whittemore with the new stuff.  Both took hits to the face
and were quick to point out that it seemed "a lot hotter"
than the previous spray.   Both were out of action for a
considerable length of time following the spray.  
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November 21, 2007: WPD &
WHS Powder Puff 2007.  L:
Group photo of the Senior
Women.  R: Officer Spencer,
Sgt. Showstead, Lt. Nahass,
Officer Barros, Sgt. Renzella,
and Deputy Chief Brooks.
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Puff 2007 photos.
November 23, 2007:  Rt. 9 at Oak St.  A one car MVA at the end
of first half.  The vehicle struck a pole on the eastbound side,
snapped the wires, and continued to march across Rt. 9 to the
westbound side, stopping at Westgate Road.  Power was knocked
out to an area of sector 11, and Route 9 east was closed for an
extended period of time.
November 28, 2007:  Officer Rick McArdle retires from the
Wellesley Police Department.  Rick was appointed in June of
1967 to the department and worked on days in sector 77/1405.  
He was the senior patrolman in the department.

Good luck Rick!
December 4, 2007: Special Police do some Night Sims training with
the WPD Firearms Staff.  A bitter cold night, but excellent training!
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December 10, 2007:  Remember this guy?  June, 2004: A
moose visited town during a First Half and toured the northern
sector 11 area, and enjoyed a swim at Morses Pond.
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December 16, 2007:  2nd snowstorm in
a week hits the Sunday day shift hard.  
L : Officer Carrasquillo at a snow plow
roll over on Oak Street.  There were no
injuries. R: Officer Moura on snow
removal detail at the station.
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December 18, 2007:  Clifford St at
Wellesley Ave.  Midnight and Day
shift officers worked an almost roll
over during some icy conditions.
December 21, 2007:  3rd annual
Wellesley Police Holiday Fun Run
through Wellesley Square.
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December 25, 2007:  L:  A 2nd alarm on
Christmas Eve at 298 Washington Street
damaged "David's Shoe Repair.
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R:  A car fire on Rt. 128 on the Needham
Wellesley line early Christmas morning.
December 29, 2007 2240 hrs:  A 1 car rollover
on Brookside Road.  The vehicle burst into
flames after the occupants safely got out. L:  
Officer Chris Fritts after the fire was put out.  
R:  Engine 2 stretches a line.
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