November 2,  0130 hours:  A one car MVA roll
over on Rt. 9 west at Oakland St.  (L)-Fire
extricates the one victim from the overturned
jeep.  (R) Officer Popovoski (Nightwatch) and
Officer Fritts (Night Detail) inventory the vehicle
on the flatbed.  The driver had minor injuries.
November 4  1830 hours:  Newly hired Officer
Ron Poirier does traffic at Rt. 9 and Overbrook
Drive after the traffic lights went out at rush
hour.  There were 'minor' delays during the
evening rush hour.
October 26 0330 hours:  Officer Jenny Gonsalves (Nightwatch) blocks Rice
Street after a tree fell during heavy rains and winds.
November 20, 2008:  Cedar Street at Route 9.  Officer Mike Burke
and Officer Frank Masiello at an MVA.  The vehicle shown ran a red
light in front of Officer Burke, who was doing a detail at the Route 9/16
bridge project.  The vehicle fled, but then crashed on Cedar Street.  The
driver fled the scene but was identified.
October 25:  Wellesley Police Honor Guard at the funeral for retired
Lieutenant Tom Keefe held at St. Paul's Church.  Lt. Keefe was a 35
year veteran of the Wellesley Police Department.
Top Photo From left to right:  Officer Derrick Popovski, Officer Tim
Dennehy, Detective Peter McLaughlin, Sergeant Marie Cleary,
Officer Jim Amalfi.
Chief Cunningham and Lieutenant Nahass also participated, as did
Officer Mao and the officers from day shift.
Bottom Photo (Provided by the Keefe family: Left to right:  Lt.
Nahass, Chief Cunningham, Sgt. Whittemore, Officer Popovski,
Officer Dennehy, Detective McLaughlin, Sgt. Cleary, Officer Amalfi
at salute during Taps at the grave sight.
November 19, 2008:  Oakland Street.  Fire Captain Peterson and Sgt.
Gerrans at the scene of a one car MVA.  The vehicle struck a pole and
the operator had minor injuries.  Oakland Street was shut down for 30
minutes.  This was one of several calls during a busy dayshift.
November 26, 2008:  The annual Powder Puff Game between the
Wellesley High School Senior Women and the Needham High
School Senior Women at Wellesley High School.  Wellesley is
coached by Officer Tim Barros, Sgt. Showstead, and Sgt.
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February 27:  Officer Mike Gerard interviews a suspect after a
traffic stop on Route 9 during midnights.
February 13, 2008: Officer Chris Fritts does traffic at an incident
on Wellesley Ave during a snowstorm that went through
November 27, 2008:  315 Weston Road.  
A vehicle crashed through a fence and
into a shed on Thanksgiving Night.  No
one was injured in the crash.
January 26, 2008:  A busy night for Wellesley
Police and Wellesley Fire.  At left, a 2 alarm
fire on Halsey Ave left one person dead.   On
the right, a few hours later, a crash on Rt. 9 at
Rt. 128 sent one victim to Mass General via
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December 12, 2008
Lieutenant Nahass Retires!
31 years of dedicated service comes
to an end at Wellesley Police.
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January 5, 2008:  A one car MVA on Hunnewell Street.  The car struck a pole and
the operator was arrested for OUI.  Officer Chris Fritts assisting at the scene.
December 11, 2008:
Chief Cunningham is inducted as the
President of the Massachusetts
Chiefs of Police Association.
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Gover) and a story
Wellesley Fire battles a quick
garage fire on December 12 on
White Oak Road.  The fire was
limited to construction materials.  
The box was transmitted at 0500 Hrs.
Photo Division
December Storm Part 1: Wellesley Police have a relative quiet
night during the first snow of Winter 2008.  The snow started on
December 19 and ended on December 21.  With the exception of
a few motorists who became stuck and several medical calls,
there were no significant incidents during the storm.
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December 16th:  An accident at 4:30 PM on Route 9 East at Oak Street
created a commuter nightmare.  The one car crash shut down the eastbound
lanes after a pole was struck.  The pole ended up leaning over Route 9 and
took several hours to fix.  Backup during the commuter hours was from Rt.
9 at Oak into Natick.  The driver was seriously injured and transported by
Natick Fire A1 to Boston.
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