Detroit:  Fall of 2012
As a potential financial collapse and an EM looms over the Motor City in December of 2012, many insiders question the ability of the city to
meet the payroll in the upcoming weeks.
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Linnhurst near Hayes: Engine 50 sent to 'check for a fire' around 0330. Scene of an earlier fire prior to midnight.  Box requested on arrival.  
Fire in a vacant dwelling.
Dearborn and Lyon:  Fire in a one story commercial vacant, old "A Electric" company prior to midnight.  Fire well involved on arrival and later
rekindled after 0400.
Georgia at Maxine:  Engine 46 found a fully involved dwelling fire near Van Dyke around 0400.  Two days later, at the same intersection and
time, two dwellings would go.
16000 Block Joy Road:  2nd alarm.  Chief 2 ordered a second alarm after water problems with a fire in multiple vacant housing projects (2
story) around 2000 hrs.  While engaged with this fire, Squad 1 found a separate fire in a another apartment building close by.
Other Detroit fires: