Detroit:  May  2013
Highland Park, MI: 139 Connecticut Ave May 2, 200 AM
HPFD responded to a report of a house fire and found two vacant dwellings on fire.  The fire extended on the right and left side to two additional
dwellings, but was stopped there.  Low water pressure was an issue.
Highland Park, MI: 141 Tennyson Street Connecticut Ave May 2, 300 AM
This is one block over from the above fire (property backs up to the fire buildings on Connecticut)
Residents notified us that another dwelling was on fire one block over.  Highland Park Police attempted to contain the fire with a garden house
while HPFD tried to move around the corner.  Detroit Fire sent Engine 35 (w/E57 Rig) and Ladder 7 along with Chief 8 to the scene.
Detroit: Central at Dix Streets May 2nd 2200 Hrs
DFD was sent on a still to check for a fire at Central and Dix (next to the old Engine 37 fire station.)  First arriving units found a dwelling extending
to tractor trailers on Honorah Street in an industrial yard.