First Half-2009 and Prior
Weston at Central in the Rain.
Rick and Chris.
Derrick and Mark.
Ted fills out an inventory Januaary
Chris at an alarm in Wellesley Square.
Ty at a bike crash, May 2007.
Bob interviews a suspect.
Derrick doing FST's 2006
Chris at an MVA May 2006
Tim D Rt. 9 November 2006.
Bob at a crash, September 2006
Sgt. Cleary September 2006
Lt and Bob August 2006
Let's Roll!
Tim at a crash, June
Chris watches Mark on FTO,
June 2007
Steve fills out a crash
Derrick going over a report
with Ty.
Jenny and Steve at the RDF.
Tim doing traffic on
Linden Street.
Steve blocks Martin Road
1403 sitting in a flood on Rt. 9
near Kingsbury St.
Rush hour: Rt 9 West
Chris awaits a tow on Grove
Chris at a crash on Hampden Street
near Grove, October 2007.
Steve and Jason at a crash on
Rt. 9 November 2007.
Tim arriving at a crash on Rt. 135
near Bacon Street, November
Rick directs traffic.
Sgt. Cleary and Officer Barros
during a cold night in
November 2007.
Mark and Steve on FTO.
Marie and Scott
Officer Potter and Officer
take a statement at crash on
Rt. 9.
Special Officer Larry McGoff
at a party call.
Sgt. Pilecki reviews paperwork, 1999
Traffic-Wellesley Ave
Officer Hughes in the snow.
February 2008
Another snowy night
Tree Down, Northgate Road
Steve in 1404
Scott and Tim at a crash on
Rt. 9
Jenny does traffic out on the
"Highway" at a crash.
Car Stop Evenings
Flooding Weston Road
Crash, Bacon at Central St
Officer Tim Lawton's last
night in Wellesley with the 3
Tims: L to R: Trooper Meg
Powers, Dispatcher Tim Gover,
Officer Tim Barros, Officer
Tim Lawton.
Chris, Steve, Chris.
Steve at a crash. Oct 2008
Chris and Frank on
Washington St. Oct. 2008
Keep Moving!  Officer Ron
Officer Ron Poirier directing
traffic, Rt. 9 at Overbrook.
December 2008: First major
snow storm of the winter.
December 2008: Officer
Chris Cunningham on
Cliff Road
December 2008
Wellesley PD HQ
Officer Popovski in
winter gear.
Snow Removal
Officer Dennehy on Rt. 9
March, 2009
Officer Chris Fritts
Washington Street
Rush Hour
Officer Ron Poirier
Officer Popovski
Even on a Saturday
Officer Fritts
Officer Poirier and the
WPD photog (reflection).
Officer Poirier on Rt. 9
Officer Rowe and Officer