Officer Mao at a crash on
Rice Street.
Officer Dennehy making
the 1830 calls..
Sgt. Atwood.
First Half removing a
disorderly person from a
Officer Popovski at the
Hills Train Station.
Route 9 and 1410
Officer Mao and his
shadow, Lower Falls
Officer Fritts
Officer Farwell on a stop.
Officer Fritts
Officer Farwell speaks to a
truck driver.
The first half booking
Officer Ashe making an
arrest in the Lower Falls
Officer Poirier
Officer Poirier
Officer Connors and
Officer Carrasquillo
Officer Poirier on Bevenue
Officer Connors on Route 9
at Overbrook Drive
Officer Masiello on Route 9
Officer Lukianov,
Washington Street
Officer Farwell on
Washington Street
Officer Masiello at a
motorcycle crash.
Officer Mao doing LIDAR
on old Route 9.
Officer Mao writing a
Sgt. Atwood and Officer
Checking the OLD High
Officer Poirier and Officer
Officer Fritts checking the
High School.
Officer Masiello at a crash
on Oak Street.
Officer Rowe casts a wary
eye upon Officer Poirier
Officer Fritts booking a
crash on Great Plain Ave.
1403 on Great Plain Ave.
Sp. Officer Messina doing
an inventory.
Sp. Officer Henry on
Oakland Street.
Officer Poirier conducting
an investigation.
Officer Lameiras
Officer Poirier at the end of
the shift.
Officer Gover during field
Officer Derby, Chief
present a citizen
Washington Street
Officer Potter announces
retirement 2011!
Officer Potter's shadow box.
Dispatcher Matt Hammer
Officer Masiello
Heavy rain, Washington St