Mike, Chris, Tim, Sgt.
Meaney at the Mass Law
Enforcement Memorial
Dedication May, 2004.
The Honor Guard at
Fenway Park
The Two Sergeants at
Sgt. Meaney leads the way,
Parade 2001.
Sgt, Jim, Scott, Peter,
Chris, Mike.
Sergeant and Marie go over
Honor Guard standing fast
with the latest in police
weapon technology.
Honor Guard in the early
First generation Honor Guard Uniforms in the late 1980's.
Sgt. Meaney, Frank, Mike,
Tim, Jim
Chris, Mike, Tim, Peter,
Jim September 11, 2006
Pawtucket Red Sox 2006
Scott, Mike, Jeff, Derrick,
Memorial Day 2007. Photo
by Sgt. Cleary
Derrick at September 11,
2007 services.
This is not even my office.  
Scott and Derrick at Fire
HQ for September 11
Photo by Officer Amalfi
Chris, Mike, and Peter at the
Mass Law Enforcement
Memorial in September, 2007.  
Derrick and Sgt. Cleary
Wellesley leads the way.
Pawtucket 2008
Pawtucket Red Sox 2008
Derrick, Sgt. Cleary,
Tim, Jim
Parade 2008
Photo by Kris Fritts
Sgt. Cleary at September
11 services at Fire
September 11, 2008
Natick PD Law
Enforcement Memorial Day
Funeral Detail, October
Saluting during Taps, Oct.
State Police Funeral
January, 2009
Officer Gerard in North
Officer Dennehy in North
Mass Law Enforcement
Memorial Day 2009
Mass Law Enforcement
Memorial Day 2009
September 11, 2010 at Fire
MSP Funeral Brockton
June 2010
Hingham Summer 2010
Wellesley Police Honor Guard
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Parade 2011 Officer Mike
Officer Jim Amalfi at the
Wellesley Town Hall
Folding the flag at the
Town Hall.
Officer Dennehy
November 11, 2011
Wellesley Town Hall
8th and I: Training
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St. Pauls Church, Officer
Sullivan Funeral May 2012
St. Mary's Cemetery,
Needham May 2012
Officer Amalfi at Burke
Funeral Home, May 2012
Officer Ambrose Funeral
Springfield, Mass.
Natick Police Memorial
May, 2013
Photo by Det. Arena NPD
Natick Police Memorial
May, 2013
Photo by Off. K Poirier
The Officer Poiriers
May, 2013
The Honor Guard Welcomes
Wellesley Parade 2013
Squad 14 Sept 11 2013