It's 04:15 AM:  Do You Know Where Your Cow Is?

Wellesley Police find an escaped cow wandering down Washington Street on the Night Watch.  The
cow, named "Star" had managed to escape through a fence from a farm and was enjoying some acorns
when police found her.  She was returned to the pasture without incident.
Star the cow performs some field sobriety
tests for Mike.
Ron, Ty, and Mike encourage Star
to head for the barn and call it a
Officer Gerard uses the little known, but
always effective "Cruiser Coral" technique
to keep Star in one place off the road.
Ron "The Secret Farmer" Poirier makes
some progress.
The cow looks a little bigger up close
"Hi, I'm Officer Ron Poirier..."
Yep, it's your standard 10-78, "Cow in the
roadway" call.