Night sims and DT Training, June 2007
Stan, Sgt. Glen and Jenny (Left) Sgt. Glen, Rick, Jenny (center) Rick and Jenny (Right.)
Rick keeps Stan back (left) Steve (center) and the Sergeant with Jenny.
Instructors and officers pose for a group
photo above and below.
Moving in on a suspect (left) Frank having a 'bad day' (center) and a confrontation (right)
Car stop training
Who's next?
Sims Makeup Night 1
Scott after a scenario.
Group review
Tim (L) behind a dumpster, Tim (C) with a nice swing, and the felony stop (R).
John (L) during a debrief, Bob and Jim discuss tactics (C), while Alex and Jack practice strikes (R).
From L to R: Sgt and Stan demonstrate handcuffing, Sgt hits the ASP bag with Charlie, Chuck and Mike
practice with the new baton, Mark in 1411 covering a suspect.
Jenny ready to go.
Sgt. Jim and Domenic
Stan taking on Tim.
Steve in front of 1411.
Tim and Peter.
Charlie and Bob
1405 covered in dust.
Steve covers a suspect
Chris in the old school
uniform shirt for a scenario
Domenic in front of 1417
Sgt reviews handcuffing.
Jim and Tim
Jim and Stan
Peter checks on Chris
Last night of Sims
Jim and Derrick
Peter, Tim, Sgt. Gerrans