Car Stop on Midnights
Washington Street at Rice.
Scott and Sean on an arrest.
Route 9-Nights.
Deputy and Sergeant
Pilecki, Wash @ State
Early Morning Accident
Car Stop Linden Street
Sgt. at the picnic.
Traffic on Route 9 near
Oak St.
Jim with Suspects Rt.9 Oct
Sean at Babson
Sgt. helps out a crash victim.
Scott uses the drag sled.
Foot Post
In custody.
Detectives and First Half
LT after a raid on Parker
Rd at Beechwood.
Last Half at Babson
restoring order.
Rick at a Crash
Marie and Neil FST's
Chris and Derrick Arrest
Roll Call with the old
Tim and his son fireworks
Buddy Rt. 9
Tim on Washington St
Steve takes the Laser Shot
Chris contemplates the
building check.
Bob lit up on a stop.
Tim at a crash, Central
Lt. counts the money, Oct
Oakland Street.
Bob and the LT at an OUI.
Chris at an MVA
Rt. 135 at the RDF.
Crash Route 9 at Kingsbury.
No trouble Sir.
Accident Recon Forest
Fire Showing. Again.
Sgt swimming again.
Jenny at a gas leak in
Wellesley Square.
Ty on Rt. 9
Middle School Field
MVA with Medflight.
Glen, Trooper Liberty and
Falko on a search.
Ty blocks Weston Rd.
Mike B. at the bridge detail
and detour.
Rick waves traffic by on Rt.
Officer Renzella in booking.
Officer Showstead doing an
Officer Graham, Officer
William Street
Photo by Off. Carrasquillo
Officer Mich working a
first half.
1404 in a snowstorm.
Derrick on Route 9
1404 at Fort Devens
Frank directing traffic.
Paramedic Bob Canning,
and Officer Carrasquillo
Lazy photog (Officer Tim
Barros on Route 9)
Officer Rick Potter,
Wellesley Ave at Seaver
Officer Mark Carrasquillo
getting info at a crash.
September 2006:  Officer
Amalfi and Sgt Renzella
receive a Mass Cop Award for
defusing a violent situation.
Patrol 2004-2010
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Random photos from working patrol over a six year period.
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Sgt. Gerrans and Officer
Officer Chris Fritts
Officer Rick Potter and
Officer Ron Poirier.
Rick on Central Street.
Old blue shirts
Cold weather wear.
Officer Lawton
"Talking" to a suspect.