Range May-June 2007
Officers encountered everything from 40 degree days with heavy rain to highs in the
upper 80's and sunburn. The range continues!
Lt. Pilecki and Derrick (L) on the line, while Jim goes over techniques with the Deputy Chief and
Lieutenant on the right.
Jim scores a target while Scott reloads.
Jill questions a photo being taken while officers engage from the barricades.
Peter takes aim, the prone position, and Jim also in full rain gear during one of the colder days.
Derrick in full rain gear with Bob on the left, with Jim on the right.
Jill shoots in heavy rain and puddles while Lamars zeros in.
Rick and Derrick and a shadow shooter.
Scott moves through the box while Bob and Steve "Henry Knox" demonstrate some historical weapons.
Ready to go(R)  while Mark covers the target (L)
Chris scans and in the prone on the right.
Derrick spots rounds while Bob does the tactical course.
Tai and Jim on the left and Tim on the right.
Jim keeps the pace slow (l), Scott grabs a drink, and Jeff takes it all in.
Chris with the M4 and Derrick supervises a shoot on the move.
Rick and Jim, while shooters are reflected in the rain.
A lighter moment on the left, and Jill with Derrick on the right.
Ted on the line while Scott shoots from the kneeling position.
Officer Hughes takes aim (L). Bob posts new targets. (R).