Wellesley Fire Department 2007 and Prior
September 11, 2006
Box (45)-1415.
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Dumpster Fire, May 2007
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Windsor Road Car Fire.
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Ice Rescue Lake Waban
Christmas Eve 2005: Great Plain
Ave Working Fire(45-222.)
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Car fire on Rt. 128 on the Weston
Car 3 with MedFlight
A/H 500 Block Washington St
Photo by Jim Scopa
Car Fire Rt. 135
Chuck does overhaul
Roll over Rt. 9 at Dunkin Donuts.
Late night crash Rt. 9
Roll over Rt. 128 north.
Lt. Lyons treats a viciim.
MVA Rt. 128 at Rt. 9
Memorial Day 2007 Summit Road
Car fire on Willow Street
Engine 2 on Forest St
Car fire on Washington St
Engine 2 at an electrical fire at Star
Market, June 2007
Photo by Officer Carrasquillo
Roll over Rt. 9 at Standish Rd
Arnold Road at Rt. 9 West
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All Hands Appian Drive 2
Photo by Sgt. Renzella
All Hands, Appian Drive
Photo by Sgt Renzella
Engine 2 hits it with the can.
Photo by Officer Gerard
Car Fire Rt. 128 8/2007
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Engine 1 at a crash Weston at Mayo.
2nd alarm 2271 Washington St,
WFD Engine 2 went on the box and
operated at the fire.
Engine 3 in quarters
September 11
Mike and Matt
3rd Alarm Weston on Rt. 117
WFD Engine 2&Car 1 went to the
fire  Sept. 2007
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Chimney Fire on Willow St. Sept
Engine 3 and Ladder 2
Gear from Engine 2
Car fire on Boulder Brook Road Oct.
Photo by Off. Carrasquillo
Repacking the engine after a quick
job on Woodside Ave.  November,
Snowplow roll over, Oak St.
December, 2007
Working Fire Dec. 17 2007:  
Box 2992 Appian Drive
Chimney fire.
2nd Alarm 298 Washington St.
December 24, 2007
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December 25, 2007:
Car fire Rt. 128 south at the
Needham line.
3rd Alarm Chins Village
Rt. 9 West near Overbrook Drive
A cat rescued from the tower of the
Village Church back in the late
Weston Road at MacArthur
Training with the jaws.
September 11, 2001
Photo by Nancy Whittemore
December 25, 2007:
Car fire Rt. 128 south at the
Needham line.