Wellesley Control
"Wellesley Police"
Patrick at the 100 console
Tim at the Metro command
The fish tank is maintained by the
dispatcher's union.
The dispatch console with
radios, CAD, and Wellesley
Fire Alarm digitizer.
The radio screen and controls
CCTV Controls
Rob on the morning watch.
The old dispatch consoles.
Old  dispatch center.
Radio dispatch
Kevin at the 100 desk
Is LEAPS up?
Long day.
Tim explains dispatch to
the media.
Kathy at firealarm
Mike taking a call.
Trying to keep it all
1800 hour radio test.
Officer Atwood's niece
checks out the dispatch fish.
Nick Ferri at the old
dispatch center
wearing the old uniform.
Theresa with the old
Dispatcher O'Brien
Tim takes a 911 call,
November 2008
Kevin on the 911 line.
Dispatcher Lewis
WBZ TV reporter Dawn
Hasbrouck doing a story in
Click HERE for the story and
Dispatcher Bates
Dispatcher O'Brien
Dispatcher Dias during a
Dispatcher Dias and
Dispatcher Goodwin
Dispatcher Matt
Dispatcher Lewis
Dispatcher Hammer
Almost 0830....