Patrol 2013
Random photos from working patrol in Wellesley in 2013
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Officer Lindelof on
Forest Street
Officer Amalfi
Officer Popovski Route 9
Car Stop Route 9
Officer Joseph,
Rt. 9 at Rt. 128
Officer Amalfi, Weston Road
Balancing act, Washington
at Glen Road
Officer Fritts: Winter 2013
Field Training, Route 9
Bike race, Wellesley Square
Go Pro 1403
Officer Amalfi and sign
Officer Fritts
Officer Dixon headed out
Route 9 Car Stop
William Street
Officer Amalfi
Officer Gerard on Rt. 9
Detective McLaughlin
1411 Out of Service....
Officer Lindelof
Summons--Rt. 9
Officer Griffin
Route 9 near Dearborn
Rt. 135
Tree Down.
Officer Poirier
Traffic Stop: Midnights
Minor Flooding Weston Road
Officer Lindelof
Sgt. Renzella
Officer Carrasquillo
Crash Investigation, Rt. 9
Officer O'Connor
Officer Gerard (?)
Officer Fritts
Officer Amalfi
Officer Gerard (?)
Officer Poirier
Officer Gerard (?)
Wait.  What?