Patrol 2011
Random photos from working patrol in Wellesley in 2011.
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Officer Hughes on a traffic
stop, Rt. 9
Officer Hughes on a traffic
stop, Rt. 9
Field sobriety tests by
Officer Barros and J Rowe
Officer JRowe doing an
Officer Ashe and Officer
Farwell at the Hills T stop.
Officer Poirier
Officer Poirier
Making an arrest.
Back to shortsleeves!
Officer Connors
Officer Derby
Officer Lemeneger
Officer Rosenberg
Checking the High School
Officer Fritts
Officer J Rowe
Officer Lameiras
Officer Cunningham
Roll call.
Officer Dennehy doing a
crash investigation.
Officer Scott Wagner on an
early morning detour.
Officer Gover
Officer Ron Poirier in
Officer Carrasquillo
Officer Gerard on Route 9
Officer London on
Washington Street