Officer Derby Weston
Road at Elmwood.
Officer Rosenberg
Sgt. Showstead on
Washington St.
Forest at Washington
St New Years Eve 2010
Detective McLaughlin
at a crash.
Route 9 west closed
to large trucks.
Officer Mao on
overtime, Route 9
Officer Wagner
diverting trucks.
Route 9 west, January
January 31:  Officer
Howard in the Hills
January 31: Traffic
lights fail in the Hills
January:  Officer
Derby Rt. 9 at Newton.
January:  Ramp
March:  Rice at Paine
March: Oil leak at
March: Officer Hughes
on Dover Road
March:  Officer Kane
March: No left hand
March: Officer
Rosenberg on Rt. 9
April: Officer Lemenger
and Officer Connors
June: Officer
August: Officer
Carrasquillo and the
Photo of the Day.
August: Day Shift
August: Detective
McLaughlin and
Officer Spencer
August: Detective
McLaughlin and
Officer Spencer
August: Welcome to
late August in
August: Officer
Lemenager in the
Hills..Summer Version
August: Officer Ashe
at the Chipper
incident, Rt. 9
August:  Officer
Connors on
Washington St
August: Just your
standard 7 foot hole
in the road.
August: Officer Mao
on the Whole Foods
August: Officer
Barros outside of
Babson on a 'Hall Pass'
September: Crash on
Washington Street
September:  Officer
Derby on Washington
St at a crash.
Sometimes this sums
it all up.
October: Officer
Masiello at the Lower
Falls Detour 2011
It's 10 degrees.
October: Officer
Cunningham at the
Lower Falls Detour
November: Officer
Lukianov on Rice
November: Officer
December: Officers
Cunningham and
Lemenager on Thomas.
Firearms research!
December: Officer
Gover at Linden and
Kingsbury St
December: Officer
Carrasquillo on
Linden Street