Officer Ashe, car stop.
Officer Ashe
Officer Popovski, Great
Plain Avenue
Officer Cunningham
Officer Kane, traffic
crash, Route 9
Officer Hughes in the
only snowstorm of 2012
Officer Popovski, Abbott
Road at Washington
Officer Rosenberg on
Abbott at Wash-MVA
New High School
Officer Spencer..New
High School traffic
Officer Lemenager
Officer Fritts..?
Officer Cunningham
Crash:  Rt. 9 near
Kingsbury St
Crash: Route 9 near
Kingsbury St (West)
Officer Gerard
Officer Lemenager
Sgt. Gerrans in roll call
Shift Change: Mids to
Officer Kane
Officer Gover on Rt.9
Just prior to the second
Sgt. Spencer in roll call
Officer John Kane
Blocking Rt. 9
Special Officer
Lt. Cleary at a crash.
Lt. Cleary talking to the
media on Linden Street
Officer Poirier
Officer Lemenager on
Officer Rosenberg on
Linden Street
Sgt. Gerrans working a
Officer Popovski and
Sgt. Spencer
Linden at Weston Road
20 bags of speedy dry
Crash Reconstruction
Cedar St near Hunnewell
Sgt. Spencer at at gas
leak on Linden St
Crash on Hunnewell St.
Shutting the road down,
Linden at Rockland St.
Officer Mike Lemenager
Got Stolen Goods?
"Where was this? Here?"
Officer Rowe: Day Shift  
Car fire and crash,
Wellesley Ave
"It's been a busy year"
New cruiser...
Officer Cunningham on
Washington St
Sgt. Gerrans
Roll Over: Grove St
Photo by Off. Barros
Roll Over: Grove St
Photo by Officer Barros