Fireworks September 2007
Mike in the bike uniform on
Washington St.
The most senior and most junior
members of the department.
Jeff in 1417
Sgt. Cleary, Sgt. Showstead, Chris, Jenny, Sgt. Renzella, Officer Mao
on the field during the fireworks.
The Lieutenants
Chris with the family.
Frank at Washington and State
I'm ignoring you.  Seriously.
Casey, Chris, Jenny the Juggler,
and Sgt. Renzella on the field.
Kris, Cameron and Katie
Scott gives a wave with Jenny and Ty..
Jenny and Scott with Will, a
youth academy graduate.
Lit by fireworks.
Another great show.
Jenny and Ty.
We've been here before. Briefing
Katie with her light saber.