Beach Boys Concert and Fireworks
May 18, 2008
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Officers working the
event on the field
Deputy Chief Brook in the
Command Post
Dispatcher Rizzitello
MetroLec Motor Unit
Standby to Deploy.
Sgt.  Renzella and  Sgt.
West Tac?
Officer Hughes
Celtics Win! Big Deal.
Officer Wagner, Officer
Officer Howard at
Washington and State Sts.
Exit Plan in Effect.
Tim Gover
Sgt. Hector MacDonald
(Retired) and Lt. Pilecki
Stage on the field.
Lt. Cunningham and
Deputy Chief Brooks
Lt. Pilecki and an event
Beach Boys
Court Guys
Officers Leach and Weaver
Checking covers for debris on fire.
Officer Popovski and Sgt. Renzella probably a little too close to
the action.
Fireworks Begin.
Deputy Chief Brooks and
Tim Gover.
Stage on the field.
Always happy to be
Lt. Pilecki and Amy
Capt. Walsh (NCSO)
reviews plans outside of the
Command Post.
Det. Peter McLaughlin in the Command Post.