Scott at Route 9 and
School Street.
Jim Running the Range.
Jeff on Wellesley Ave
on a double.
Chief and Deputy at the
AM Traffic
Christopher on
Washington St.
Post Marathon 2003.
Another Spring Day.
Parade 2005.
Watching the recruit.
Dana on a Car Stop.
Jill and Scott during
roll call.
Tim in the Square
Rick on Benvenue
Tim and Mike
interview an OUI
Tim on Washington St.
Scott and Chris
Scott on State St.
Posted on Washington
Terry during a briefing.
Jenny and a suspect.
Frank does traffic in the
setting sun.
Janet in the rain.
Chris, Sgt. and Scott
Forest Street.
Rick on Central Street.
Route 9 at Longfellow
with the Lieutenants
Glen at the range.
I'll sit where I like!
Missing person search.
M4 Review.
Crash traffic
Washington Street
Mark does traffic
during Rt. 9 flooding.
Stan photos a print.
Working Portraits
Joe and Derrick
May 2005
Officer Mich
Officer Scott Wagner
and Trooper Paul Loud
(MSP Truck Team)
Marathon Briefing
Rich Howard, Officer
Cleary, Officer Fritts,
Officer Barros
Officer Fritts on
Wellesley Ave
Officer Gerard on a
traffic stop, February
Officer Gonsalves
Officer Barros on
Officer Amalfi on a
Officer Potter awaits
Dispatcher Sheehan
Officer Tim Barros
Officer Jenny Gonsalves
Officer Matt Farwell
Sergeant Renzella
Officer Ron Poirier
Officer Matt Farwell
Officer Chris Fritts
Officer Ron Poirier
Officer Ron Poirier
Officer Chris Connelly
Officer Evan Rosenberg
Officer Chris
Officer John Kane
Officer Ty Mao
Officer Rick Potter
Officer Popovski
Sergeant Renzella
Detective McLaughlin
Officer Wagner
Officer Popovski
Officer Ty Mao in full
winter gear.
Officer Conor Ashe in the
Wellesley College Sgt.
Bruce Whitney
Range Wear
Summer range
Brian at the Range
No, it's colder.
It's 10 degrees.
Officer Mao.
Officer Ashe
Seek Alt Route
Long Day.
Officer Rosenberg
Sgt. Renzella
Dispatcher Matt
Officer Jim Amalfi
Officer Tim Gover
Officer Ashe
Officer Amalfi
Officer Dennehy
Dispatcher Dias
Officer Lameiras
Officer Rowe
Officer Amalfi
Officer Dennehy
Lt. Cleary
Officer Amalfi
Lieutenant Cleary
Officer Popovski
Officer Poirier