Midnights 2009 and Prior
Recent OUI Arrest Rt. 9
Meg and Scott Route 9.
Jim S. checks out a car fire
on Willow St. Summer 2006
Jim checks out a car on Rt. 9
MVA in a blizzard.
Arrest in the snow.
Jim at an AM crash..
Jim and Derrick
1403 on the way out.
Car stop Martin Road.
Wellesley Square
New guy on a foot post
Prior to promotion
Scott on Central St
Rt. 9 East at Rt. 128
Midnights Honor Guard
Scott, Mike, Jeff, Derrick,
Jim (Photo by Sgt. MC/55)
1406 on the morning watch
Tree down on Kenilworth
Wrapping up the tape
Field Interview 0230hrs. Welcome
to Wellesley.
Wrong way driver Route 9. Tim
and Mike July 2007
Felony Stop, Washington St
July 2007
Jim on Lowell Road,
August 2007
Ty at the PanMass Bike
Challenge Aug 2007
Hanging around the Eastern
District with Ted.
The very modern Eastern
District Gang Unit
Detective McNulty works a
case (from The Wire)
Detective Bunk in the
Eastern District
Ty and Ted check some
paperwork during a stop.
Snow removal midnight
December 2007
Jim Scopa and Tim Gover
Photo by Detective McLaughlin
Neil and Dana
The Legend Begins!
Officer Derrick Popovski
and Officer Joe Narcisse
Behind the old 93
Worcester Street
Ted on an arrest, Route 9.
March 2008
Inventory forms.
Motor vehicle search
Wires down, Bancroft Road
Ty interviews a suspect.
Jenny stands by on a tree
down, Rice St. October 2008
Derrick and Chris inventory a crash.
Dawn Patrol:  1403E
Officer Gonsalves
6 degrees at 0050hrs.
Officer Gerard
Officer Gonsalves
and FSTs.
Officer Mike Gerard and
Officer Scott Wagner
Sergeant Jeff Renzella
Officer Gonsalves and
Officer Gerard.
Move along before
somebody gets locked
Officer Atwood on
Glen Road
Tree down on Glen
Road (See Above)
Road Closed!
SWAT takes a suspect
The boys from
Nightwatch together
Jenny on a traffic stop
November 2009.
Route 9 at Kingsbury
Mike with an arrest
December 2009
An outside fire on
Route 9 0600 hours
December 2009.
Ty works the SPS detail
December 2009.
Outside fire,
Livingston Road
December 2009.
Car fire, Oakencroft
Road. February 2010.
Photo by Officer J Rowe