NightWatch 2011
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NightWatch 2009
NightWatch 2010
The Winter of 2011
Officer Ashe
Car Stop: Route 9
Officer Poirier
working overtime.
January 2011: All
snow, All the time.
Officer Amalfi at a
Heavy stuff won't be
here for hours.
Officer J Rowe,
Weston at Rt. 9
Officer Amalfi
Sgt. Whittemore
February 2011: Officer
Wagner booking a
February: Officer
Poirier on a stop.
February: Officer Rowe
February: Officer Mike
February: Officer
Barros and Rowe.
February: HGN
February: Officer
Gerard on Garden Rd.
February: Officer
February: In custody.
February: Officer Rowe
February:  FST's
February: Officer
Poirier in booking.
March: Taking a swim.
March: End of the
shift crashes.
March: Officer Gerard
on Washington St
March: Explaining
Less than lethal
Officer Mao
Officer Amalfi
May: Sgt. Renzella
May:  Officer Rowe at
a crash.
Officer Barros on a
Officer Amalfi at a
crash on Rt. 9
Friday Night Lights:
Part Two
October: Ty's last shift
Officer Dennehy on
Central Street.
Morning Commute.
Officer Gerard at
Westgate and Rt. 9
Officer Rowe checking
out WPD Facebook.
Dispatcher Rowe
Officer Barros:
Inventory Form
The prisoner is seat
belted. Be advised.
300 Washington St
Sgt. Renzella and
Officer Fritts.
Officer Dennehy and
Officer Poirier.
Just east of Club 485
Officer Amalfi
Dispatcher Dias
Traffic at the 485 Club
Booking a crash.
Sgt. Renzella on
Central Street.
The sun rising over
Officer Barros.