Wellesley Police Open House 2008
The 8th annual WPD Open House was again popular this year with large crowds and great
weather.  Over 850 hotdogs were served by the Patrolman's Association along with ice
cream and snacks.  Thanks to all the Wellesley Police Department Members who helped
out and make it a success.
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Officer Carrasquillo
Officer Tim Dennehy
Posing in front of the
The new Lt. Pilecki.
"Have a seat Sergeant, we
have much to discuss"
Checking out the cruiser
Officer Fritts and Sgt.
Cleary show off some
Dispatcher Kathy Lameiras
fields a call
Dispatcher Kelly O'Brien
shows off the dispatch center
Dispatcher Rob Rowe
ACO Webb and K9 Mazi
running some plates
Sgt. Renzella
Lt. Nahass and
Dispatcher Walsh
Sgt. Cleary andOfficer
pose with a recruit
Sgt. Renzella in booking
Officer Carrasquillo
Sgt. Gerrans in the weight
Dispatcher O'Brien
Lt. Pilecki
Officer Barros in booking
Deputy Chief Brooks' Office
Dispatcher Walsh
Dispatcher Rob Rowe
FTO Program
Sue Morse, Lt. Nahass
Officer Tim Barros, Special
Officer Mike Burke