Patrol 2012
Random photos from working patrol in Wellesley in 2012.
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The one cold day of 2012
Go that way!
Finally..Off the 30/60/90/120
day disabled list
Exchanging info
Officer Popovski
OUI on three wheels.
Pedestrian stop,
McLean St.
Car Stop: Rt. 9 west
Officer Amalfi on a post
Officer Poirier
Off. McDonald, Rt. 9 at
a crash.
Off Gover, Hunnewell
near Cedar St
Off Amalfi Central
near Abbott St
Off. Poirier on Weston
Paperwork: 200 block
of Washington Street
Accident reconstruction.
Watching traffic
Wellesley Ave
The other
Officer Poirier
Officer Rosenberg in
Last year of the Crown
Midnight motor vehicle
Off Derby, Washington
Street at Cottage
Officer Dennehy
Car fire and crash,
Wellesley Ave
Officer Poirier (s)
Hunnewell Street
November Snow
Early snow.