Pepper Spray Testing, November 2007

The department is testing a new pepper spray, one that is taser safe, yet 'hotter' to use.  Volunteering to be
sprayed prior to a first half, Officer Popovski and Sgt. Whittemore stepped forward.  Both agreed later that
volunteering was not the brightest idea.  After Sgt. Gerrans sprayed them both in the face, they went through
a lengthy decon period, but came through in the end.
All photos by Tim Gover.
As long as I keep the hose to my
eyes, it doesn't hurt anymore.
"Why did I let him volunteer me
for this?"
Maybe we should stick to firearms
Moments after getting hit, both felt
the effects.
Trying to get all the spray off with the
handy hose.  
30 minutes later, they could almost
see again, and were all smiles for Tim.
RIT 1, USMC 0.