From the WPD Photo Archives:
These photos were taken in the late 1980's and early 1990's.
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Above:  Officer Leo Fitzpatrick on
Wellesley Ave after Needham PD
chased a motorcycle into Wellesley
and it crashed.  
Below: Needham Sgt and officer at the
Officer Stewart Savage makes an
arrest after a chase from Natick
that ended on Washington St at Rt.
9 with a bailout.  This is in the rear
of Ideal Barber Shop.
1990: Then Sgt. T Cunningham and Sgt.
Meaney (Both Chiefs now) at a roll over
crash on first half, Cliff Rd. at
Washington St.  Special Officer Walsh
is looking at the car.
Officer Joe Collari at a crash on Rt. 9
west in front of St. James.
Chief John Fritts at a
selectman's meeting.  His
son Chris now on the job.
Then Sgt. T. Cunningham
and an LMH paramedic at a
crash on Overbrook Drive
with multiple patients.
LMH Paramedic Valerie Kennedy in
the Wellesley Police Ambulance.
1991: Then acting Chief Broyles, Lt.
Whalen, and an unknown Officer
recovering evidence from the
Thanksgiving Day Football bomb
fiasco with Needham.
1990:  Then Sgt. Nahass and Officer John Thomas push a car, Rt. 9 East at
Emerson Road.
1990: 0400 Hrs Rockland Street: Then Sgt. W. Cunningham at the scene of a
Bronco that went off the road at Rockland Street and fell to the RR tracks below.  
The driver fled.
Lifeflight at the crash on the deck.
Fire  Chief Black, Capt. Fitzpatrick and
the WPD ambulance at the crash.
Then Officer Price and then
firefighter Donahue (right) taking
a victim to MedFlight.
Dover Road-Last Half: Wellesley Fire
Captain at a roll over crash.  The
vehicle came apart on impact.
(L to R) Wellesley Officers
Tarrara, Amalfi, then Sgt.
W. Cunningham, and then
Natick firefighter Dan
Mathews (baseball hat) treat
the Newton Fire Chief who
was injured at a house fire
in the 200 block of
Washington St.
Sgt. Hector McDonald and
LMH Paramedics at a biker
struck in Wellesley Square.
1991 State Police Bomb Squad
checking out a device on the WHS
Field prior to the Thanksgiving Day
Football game.
Then Officer Mike Price (R)
at a crash near 36
Washington St. A car struck
several pedestrians at noon.
Washington St at Kingsbury St:
Officer Weaver treats a victim at a
Sgt. Ray Macdonald inspects a stolen car
dumped in Morse's Pond during the
summer of 1989.
Officer Rick Potter and
LMH Paramedic Dave
McCush treat a victim at
Sprague Field in 1989.
A tree down blocking Wellesley Ave
after a Hurricane.
Then Sgt. T Cunningham
photographs a hit and run vehicle
on Princeton Road.
MDC Police K9 officer and
his partner working at the
Town Hall.
Rt. 9 east at Rt. 16. Slight flooding.
WPD moves a patient to
Medflight, which also landed
on the front of Fire Hq.
Officer Vargas at a crash.
Then Officer Pilecki moving a patient
from a house fire on Worcester St.
The vehicle from the crash