Powder Puff Game 2009
Wellesley Senior High Women vs. Needham High School Women at Needham
Final Score:  Needham 20, Wellesley 8
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Each year, Wellesley Police officers coach the Wellesley High School Senior High School Women in a powder puff football
game vs. arch rivals, the  Needham High School Women.  Sergeant Scott "Media Friendly" Showstead, Jeff "Always
Friendly Unless Things Don't Go My Way" Renzella and Officer Tim "This Game Bothers Me All Year" Barros coached the
team again.  Wellesley led the game 8 to 7, for most of the first half.  A few very questionable calls by an equally as
questionable referee staff led to a touchdown by Needham.  The Needham Rockets would never look back, scoring again at
the end of the second half.  

A high ranking Wellesley Police member on scene who watched the game and wished to remain nameless (Deputy Chief of
Police Brooks) promised a complete overhaul of the coaching staff for next year.  The Deputy Chief was overheard on the
Nextel saying words to the effect of "I'm thinking that now would be a great time to reinstate a walking beat on Route 9 for
both sergeants and patrol officers during the midnight shift in the winter.  
I know 3 people who just volunteered."

The game did go very well, and players from both teams certainly gave 100%.  The annual event draws a large crowd from
both towns, and this year was no exception.  
Happy Thanksgiving!!