Pumpkinman Triathlon 2009
South Berwick, Maine
Sergeant Jeff Renzella (NightWatch) recently competed in the "PumpkinMan Triathlon" in South Berwick, Maine.  The
event consists of a 1/3 mile swim, 15 mile bike race, and a 3 mile run.  Sergeant Renzella trained hard over the summer for
this event, and even managed to keep it quiet until the story leaked out to the ever vigilant WPDPhoto staff  during the
Youth Academy (Thanks, Maura!)

This was Sergeant Renzella's first triathlon event, and as such, he was unsure of how he would do.  He set a time to finish
under 2 hours as his goal.  1 hour and 37 minutes later, Sgt. Renzella showed he can meet and beat his own expectations.  
He finished 263 of 431 racers, and those were just ones who actually FINISHED the event.

Sgt. Renzella's times were 10:03 for the swim, 52 minutes for the bike, and 27 minutes for the run.

Sgt. Renzella has another triathlon planned later this month, and will be training hard through the winter for a much
harder event in June of 2010.  WPDPhoto will bring you the results as they happen!

As always, strong work Jeff.

FOLLOW UP:  On September 26, 2009 Sgt. Renzella completed his second triathlon, this time at Duxbury Beach.
This race  consisted of a .5 mile swim, a 13 mile bike ride, and a 3.1 mile run at Duxbury Beach.  (Sgt. Renzella is a
steadfast "No Comment" on whether he got lunch at that little store near the beach which has great sandwiches!)
Sgt. Renzella placed 7th in the Clydesdale Division (Clydesdale Division must mean something like "Elite Runner Division
in fancy Triathlon language) and placed 365 out of over 560 people who actually finished the raced with an overall time of 1
hour 28 minutes.  Sgt. Renzella's times were 11:25 swim, 48.43 bike, and 28.10 for the run.

Sgt. Renzella reports he will be resuming his adventures in June of 2010...As always, WPD Photo will have exclusive
coverage of our
truly favorite NightWatch Sergeant!
New Photos posted below thanks to the Renzella Family.
Slight issue between mile 2 and
Home Stretch
Jeff "Lance Armstrong" Renzella
Anytime you have to wear a wet suit to
swim, you know the lake is cold.
Photo by Maura Renzella
Swim Begins!
Photo by Griffin Renzella, 2nd Grade
Jeff ready to make the move
No one mentioned a shower cap in any of
the race literature.
Sporting the WPD shirt!

Duxbury Race September 2009