Softball Charity Game 2009
Wellesley PD Softball vs. Wellesley-Weston Chabad Shluggers
WPD Wins Again!
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The feud continues!  For the sixth straight year, the Wellesley Police Department's Softball Team played the Wellesley-Weston
"Chabad Shluggers" in a charity softball game on Sunday September 13th.  The good natured rivalry game is played every year in the
fall to benefit a charity. This year, both teams raised money for "Julie's Fund."

The Chabad Shluggers recently lost the championship game in a Jewish softball league.  The Wellesley Police Department's Softball
team plays only game a year.  "We don't need to practice or play any other games.  We're just that good." Coach Tim Barros told
reporters following the game.  "We've had this team's number for years.  Why worry?"

When Coach Barros was asked if he had played softball for any other teams recently, perhaps under an assumed or even fictitious
name, he referred all further comments to his personal representative, Sgt. Scott Whittemore.  Sgt. Whittemore refused to comment
for this article, or even admit that he knew Officer Barros, or that he was even present at the game.

Despite that, It was hard to argue with Officer Barros and his assessment of the opposition, as the Chabad Shluggers were unable to
mount any sort of coordinated offense during the game.  Facing Officer Mike "Data Slo Pitch" on the mound, the Shluggers struggled
at the plate.  When they did make contact, Sergeant "Ironman Triathlon" Renzella and Detective Steve "Turn Two" Atwood stopped
them at third and short stop.  Meanwhile, nothing got by Officer Chris "Diving Grab" Fritts at second base with Sergeant Scott "Who
Touched My Camera?" Whittemore and Special Guest Andy "Can't Believe I'm Missing the Jets Game" Renzella at first base.

The Wellesley Police Department's outfield was the backbone of the team, with the likes of Chris "I'm The Other CC" Connelly, Tim
"The Rapp" Barros, and Jim "N-M-I" Amalfi shagging fly balls near the berm.  Officer Ty "Whoops, Another One Over My Head"
Mao was critical both in center field and as catcher.

The Wellesley Police Department won the game, extending their record to 4-1-1 over the Shluggers.  (Officer Tim Barros can explain
the reason for the one tie, and it mostly has to do with the good nature and fair play that the Wellesley Police Softball Team Is known

The two teams will meet again next year to continue this rivalry.
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