Truck Fire on Tanglewood Road
A truck filled with furniture caught fire on Tanglewood Road on February 15, 2011 during the First Half.  
A working fire assignment was assigned to the call due to the volume of fire in the truck.

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First arriving units
found this scene on
Tanglewood Road.
Officer Fritts shrouded
in smoke.
Embers flying.
A big line is moved into
Side of the truck.
The truck begins to
come apart.
The cargo area was
filled with furniture.
Moving in on the fire.
Charge the line!
Rear cargo area is fully
Officer Chris Fritts.
First line is stretched
from Quint 3.
Officer Chris Fritts and
Fire Captain Goodwin.
Fire is extending.
Stretching the first line
up Tanglewood Road.
How are we going to
tow this?