September 14, 2007 3rd Alarm Weston: Rt. 117 at Vile Road.
Wellesley Police and Fire operated at the 3rd alarm. The fire was in a
2 1/2 story vacant duplex house and was well involved on arrival.
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First line goes into operation.  The fire began in the main section and then
extended to the right.
Weston ladder 1 sets up the
ladder pipe.
The fire was in a vacant
Lincoln, Wellesley, Walham, and
Newton operated at the scene.
Waltham ladder 2 sets up their
Weston Ladder 1
Fire extends to the other part
of the 2 family dwelling.
Exterior operations
Heavy fire through the roof.
Roof burned through.
Fire takes control of the 2nd
part of the house.
Stretching another line.
Bill and Derrick, both former
Wellesley PD dispatchers.